Re: [PATCH 2/2] zram: user per-cpu compression streams

From: Sergey Senozhatsky
Date: Mon May 02 2016 - 05:20:41 EST

On (05/02/16 17:28), Minchan Kim wrote:
> > aha... I misunderstood you. I thought you talked about the test results
> > in particular, not about zram stats in general. hm, given that we don't
> > close the door for 'idle compression streams list' yet, and may revert
> > per-cpu streams, may be we can introduce this stat in 4.8? otherwise, in
> > the worst case, we will have to trim a user visible stat file once again
> > IF we, for some reason, will decide to return idle list back (hopefully
> > we will not). does it sound OK to you to not touch the stat file now?
> My concern is how we can capture such regression without introducing
> the stat of recompression? Do you have an idea? :) inc ->failed_writes?

... or as a dirty and ugly and illegal (read "undocumented") hack, we
probably can use ->failed_reads for that purpose. simply because I don't
think any one has ever seen ->failed_reads != 0.