Re: [PATCH] s5p-mfc: Don't try to put pm->clock if lookup failed

From: Arnd Bergmann
Date: Mon May 02 2016 - 14:42:10 EST

On Monday 02 May 2016 13:27:54 Javier Martinez Canillas wrote:
> Failing to get the struct s5p_mfc_pm .clock is a non-fatal error so the
> clock field can have a errno pointer value. But s5p_mfc_final_pm() only
> checks if .clock is not NULL before attempting to unprepare and put it.
> This leads to the following warning in clk_put() due s5p_mfc_final_pm():

Better assign the pointer to NULL in case of a non-fatal error
return code. That way, the reader doesn't have to wonder why you
have the IS_ERR_OR_NULL() check here.