Re: [PATCH 0/6] Intel Secure Guard Extensions

From: Pavel Machek
Date: Wed May 04 2016 - 07:08:05 EST


> Good morning, I hope everyone's day is starting out well.

:-). Rainy day here.

> > > In the TL;DR department I would highly recommend that anyone
> > > interested in all of this read MIT's 170+ page review of the
> > > technology before jumping to any conclusions.... :-)
> > Would you have links for 1-5?
> First off my apologies to the list as I loathe personal inaccuracy,
> the MIT review paper is only 117 pages long. I was typing the last
> e-mail at 0405 in the morning and was scrambling for the opportunity
> to get 50 minutes of sleep so my proofreading was sloppy... :-)

Thanks a lot for the links, I'd still say it was more accurate than
average for the lkml.

Best regards,

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