Re: [PATCH v3 09/11] serial: 8250_lpss: move Quark code from PCI driver

From: Bryan O'Donoghue
Date: Thu May 05 2016 - 13:49:26 EST

On Wed, 2016-05-04 at 20:43 +0300, Andy Shevchenko wrote:
> > Could you then select CONFIG_SERIAL_8250_LPSS when
> > CONFIG_X86_INTEL_QUARK is true - since it will be a dependency.
> Answered to this in the other email, but can repeat my question. Do
> you
> propose a new behaviour? Otherwise how does it work right now?

I just mean when someone selects CONFIG_X86_INTEL_QUARK that, that
kconfig option will select CONFIG_SERIAL_8250_LPSS automatically.

Maybe that's a bad idea .. I can't think of another driver that would
be selected like that - though OTOH now that we're moving our perfectly
normal PCI device into this LPSS shim my *feeling* is that it should be
selected automagically.

Feel free not to do that though - so long as you document the change in
kconfig so that a casual reader understands the entry is moved I think
it should suffice.