uboot watchdog and linux kernel

From: Arthur LAMBERT
Date: Fri May 06 2016 - 09:11:57 EST

I am working on custom imx6 board with linux 3.14.52. I am trying to use hardware
watchdog from uboot. I am able to enable with success the watchdog in uboot.
Booting with an invalid kernel will reboot the board after timeout. Problem is in
linux side. I have some random reboot sometimes. I am not able to understand where
is the code to ping the uboot hardware watchdog in linux kernel.

* There is no /dev/watchdog entry associate to my uboot watchdog (there are entries
only for pmic watchdog)
* Only code where I find ping of uboot watchdog seems to be in imx2 watchdog driver.
But this driver is not enable in my kernel config. But if noone is pinging the watchdog,
why I am able to play with my board during few hours sometimes ??