Re: [PATCH V4 3/3] soc/tegra: pmc: Add support for IO pads power state and voltage

From: Laxman Dewangan
Date: Fri May 06 2016 - 11:44:47 EST

On Friday 06 May 2016 08:07 PM, Jon Hunter wrote:
On 06/05/16 11:45, Laxman Dewangan wrote:
+ /* Last entry */
Nit should these be TEGRA_IO_PADS_xxx?

Because this was name of single pad and hence I said TEGRA_IO_PAD_XXX.

+/* tegra_io_pads_source_voltage: The voltage level of IO rails which source
+ * the IO pads.
+ */
+enum tegra_io_pads_source_voltage {
Nit I wonder if we can make this shorter ...

enum tegra_io_pads_vconf {

This looks good but for voltage and current, unit is used uV/uV across the system. So wanted to have same unit.

-int tegra_io_rail_power_on(unsigned int id);
-int tegra_io_rail_power_off(unsigned int id);
+/* Power enable/disable of the IO pads */
+int tegra_io_pads_power_enable(enum tegra_io_pads id);
+int tegra_io_pads_power_disable(enum tegra_io_pads id);
+int tegra_io_pads_power_is_enabled(enum tegra_io_pads id);
+/* Set/get Tegra IO pads voltage config registers */
+int tegra_io_pads_set_voltage_config(enum tegra_io_pads id,
+ enum tegra_io_pads_source_voltage rail_uv);
+int tegra_io_pads_get_voltage_config(enum tegra_io_pads id);
Ideally, for public function we should have kernel-doc descriptions.

I think we can have different patches for describing all the public interfaces with proper arguments description.
May be after this series, I can work on this.

Otherwise looks fine. I would not rev this unless Thierry has some comments.