[v4.6-rc1 Regression] x86/topology: Create logical package id

From: Joseph Salisbury
Date: Fri May 06 2016 - 14:16:11 EST

Hi Thomas,

A kernel bug report was opened against Ubuntu [0]. After a kernel
bisect, it was found that reverting the following commit resolved this bug:

commit 1f12e32f4cd5243ae46d8b933181be0d022c6793
Author: Thomas Gleixner <tglx@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon Feb 22 22:19:15 2016 +0000

x86/topology: Create logical package id

To build successfully with this commit reverted, I also had to revert
commits: e7ee3e8,2d4de83,87f01cc and 33c3cc7.

The regression was introduced as of v4.6-rc1.

I was hoping to get your feedback, since you are the patch author. Do
you think gathering any additional data will help diagnose this issue,
or would it be best to submit a revert request?



[0] http://pad.lv/1573231