hwmon.c as a kernel module in 3.18

From: Ani Sinha
Date: Tue May 24 2016 - 16:18:39 EST

Hi guys :

I am facing this interesting issue and I can't quite figure out what
the root cause is. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

In my old 3.4 kernel, I had configured HWMON (CONFIG_HWMON) as a
module ('m'). Now I am trying to upgrade to 3.18 and I am trying to
keep the same kernel configuration as much as I can. The weird thing
is, after setting CONFIG_HWMON to 'm. when I do config oldconfig, it's
setting it back to 'y' (in-built module). I can't figure out which
kernel option is turning the 'm' to 'y'. I have done menuconfig, then
searched for the symbol and then looked at all the dependencies.
However I am still clueless. I am wondering if there is some debug
option which when turned on will print out some logs which will give
me more insights into why this is happening.

thanks a lot in advance