Re: fsl-dcu not works on latest "drm-next"

From: Mark Brown
Date: Wed May 25 2016 - 05:18:58 EST

On Wed, May 25, 2016 at 02:14:09AM +0000, Meng Yi wrote:

Please don't top post, reply in line with needed context. This allows
readers to readily follow the flow of conversation and understand what
you are talking about and also helps ensure that everything in the
discussion is being addressed.

> Regmap endianness issue had caused some other drivers not work, like SPI etc.
> Or this is fixed and I just don't know?

Without any description of the problem it is difficult to comment.
There were some drivers that were abusing the API by hacking round
things that need fixing (the main one I've seen is reporting things as
big endian instead of native endian to cause two layers of translation
to kick in) and one that was trying to use regmap to represent something
that just fundamentally wasn't a regmap so *any* change in regmap
internals was risky.

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