Very Confidential Finance Letter:

From: Dingxiang Wong
Date: Tue May 31 2016 - 14:49:48 EST

Hello I am Dingxiang Wong, A staff Member of Maybank Malaysia investment committee and I'm contacting you for a business proposal to transfer $7.3 million to you for investment partnership in your country, this fund belongs to our business partner who has been presume dead in the Missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 which has been disappeared on 8th March 2014 without any trace.

Our Business Partner Mr. Li Yuan and Mrs Gu Naijun was the third Australian couple to travel on the missing Malaysian flight, Mr. Li Yuan has deposited the sum of $7.3 million into our bank for investment, but he left No beneficiary to inherit his fund before he went missing with Malaysian flight MH370. I am contacting you because i want you and me to establish New business partnership and invest the fund together in your country, i am ready to give you every details of the fund to transfer the fund to you for our new investment, please reply to me for more details.

Thank You
Dingxiang Wong

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