[PATCH 0/9] clocksource/drivers/clksrc-of: Improve error handling

From: Daniel Lezcano
Date: Wed Jun 01 2016 - 04:35:37 EST

The macro CLOCKSOURCE_OF_DECLARE is widely used in the timer drivers.

Basically, this macro is defined to insert in a table a tuple name,function.
This function is an init function called when the name matches the DT node and
its signature is:

typedef void (*of_init_fn_1)(struct device_node *);

It does not return an error code.

That results in the clocksource-probe not being able to figure out if the driver
was correctly initialized or not, the different drivers to act as they were the
only ones on the system (panic, instead of failing gracefully), and duplicated
code for error reporting.

This series initiates the logic change and centralize the error handling in the
clocksource probe code.

In order to do the changes little by little, a new macro was introduced:


It expect an init function signature:

typedef int (*of_init_ret_fn_1)(struct device_node *);

As soon as all drivers will have their init functions signature changed to
return a value, CLOCKSOURCE_OF_DECLARE_RET will change its name back to

Daniel Lezcano (9):
of: Add a new macro to declare_of for one parameter function returning
a value
clocksource/drivers/clksrc-probe: Introduce init functions with return
clocksource/drivers/rockchip_timer: Convert init function to return
clocksource/drivers/mkt_timer: Convert init function to return error
clocksource/drivers/exynos_mct: Convert init function to return error
clocksource/drivers/asm9260: Convert init function to return error
clocksource/drivers/cadence_ttc: Convert init function to return error
clocksource/drivers/st_lpc: Convert init function to return error
clocksource/drivers/dw_apb_timer: Convert init function to return

drivers/clocksource/asm9260_timer.c | 24 ++++++----
drivers/clocksource/cadence_ttc_timer.c | 82 +++++++++++++++++++--------------
drivers/clocksource/clksrc-probe.c | 22 +++++++++
drivers/clocksource/clksrc_st_lpc.c | 22 +++++----
drivers/clocksource/dw_apb_timer_of.c | 12 +++--
drivers/clocksource/exynos_mct.c | 36 ++++++++++-----
drivers/clocksource/mtk_timer.c | 10 ++--
drivers/clocksource/rockchip_timer.c | 12 +++--
include/asm-generic/vmlinux.lds.h | 2 +
include/linux/clocksource.h | 3 ++
include/linux/of.h | 3 ++
11 files changed, 151 insertions(+), 77 deletions(-)