Re: [linux-sunxi] [PATCH] [V2] ARM: dts: sun7i: Add dts file for Bananapi M1 Plus board

From: Bernhard Nortmann
Date: Thu Jun 02 2016 - 05:16:50 EST

Am 02.06.2016 um 10:16 schrieb Maxime Ripard:
Yes, everything that is shared with the banana-pro (which, judging
from Bernhard, is pretty much everything but a GPIO) should be merged
in the banapro DT.


Don't take my word for granted, as I do not own this hardware or know it
particularly well. There is no doubt that "BPi-M1+" and "Banana Pro" are
very similar, but if in doubt the information form the wiki should be verified.


You seem to be using an editor that uses 4 spaces for displaying a <TAB>.
It looks like that makes you prone to whitespace formatting issues, which
have shown up in both versions of the .dts you submitted so far.

Please double-check that you're using TABs for indentation and they weren't
mixed up with SPACEs accidentally. (Most editors will also offer a setting
that allows you to display "non-printable" chars, where you might be able to
distinguish whitespace better.)

Regards, B. Nortmann