Re: [PATCH] usb: dwc3: host: Set the dma_ops for xhci device

From: kbuild test robot
Date: Fri Jun 03 2016 - 08:46:52 EST


[auto build test ERROR on balbi-usb/next]
[also build test ERROR on v4.7-rc1 next-20160603]
[if your patch is applied to the wrong git tree, please drop us a note to help improve the system]

base: next
config: i386-randconfig-i1-201622 (attached as .config)
compiler: gcc-6 (Debian 6.1.1-1) 6.1.1 20160430
# save the attached .config to linux build tree
make ARCH=i386

All errors (new ones prefixed by >>):

drivers/usb/dwc3/host.c: In function 'dwc3_host_init':
>> drivers/usb/dwc3/host.c:36:21: error: 'struct dev_archdata' has no member named 'dma_ops'
xhci->dev.archdata.dma_ops = get_dma_ops(dwc->dev);

vim +36 drivers/usb/dwc3/host.c

30 if (!xhci) {
31 dev_err(dwc->dev, "couldn't allocate xHCI device\n");
32 return -ENOMEM;
33 }
35 if (get_dma_ops(&xhci->dev) == get_dma_ops(NULL))
> 36 xhci->dev.archdata.dma_ops = get_dma_ops(dwc->dev);
38 dma_set_coherent_mask(&xhci->dev, dwc->dev->coherent_dma_mask);

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