Re: [PATCH V8 4/9] vfio: platform: add support for ACPI probe

From: Sinan Kaya
Date: Wed Jul 13 2016 - 17:01:58 EST

On 7/13/2016 4:09 PM, Alex Williamson wrote:
>> et me explain the rationale.
>> >
>> > As you know, there can be two kernel build combinations. One build where
>> > ACPI is not selected in Kconfig and another one with the ACPI Kconfig.
>> >
>> > In the first case, CONFIG_ACPI is stubbed out in this file and DT user
>> > will not see any kind of messages from ACPI.
>> >
>> > In the second case, both DT and ACPI is compiled in but the system is booting with
>> > any of these combinations.
>> >
>> > If the firmware is DT type, then acpi_disabled is 1. The ACPI probe routine
>> > terminates immediately without any messages.
>> >
>> > If the firmware is ACPI type, then acpi_disabled is 0. All other checks are valid
>> > checks. We cannot claim that this system is DT.
> Thanks, this sort of information and assumption should be documented in
> a comment since not all of us care whether a DT device can appear in an
> ACPI config or not. Also note that acpi_disabled and ACPI_COMPANION
> are defined regardless of CONFIG_ACPI, so really we only need to wrap
> acpi_device_hid() in an #ifdef, we could skip the separate stub.
> Thanks,

Sure, I'll add the sentences above as a comment to top of the probe function.

I also got rid of stub vfio_platform_acpi_probe function and moved CONFIG_ACPI
inside the vfio_platform_acpi_probe function as you suggested.

Sinan Kaya
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