Re: PROBLEM: network data corruption (bisected to e5a4b0bb803b)

From: alexmcwhirter
Date: Tue Jul 26 2016 - 00:49:48 EST

Thanks for the detailed bug-report. I looked around the web to see if it
was already reported or not. If found that this issue was reported before:
[0], [1] and [2] by the same person (CC'ed). One difference is that the
reporter had this issue with rsync on multiple SPARC systems. I ran a
git grep on a 4.7.0-rc7+ (wt-2016-07-21-15-g97bd3b0). But it didn't find
any patches directly referencing the commit. I'm not sure if this issue
has been fixed by now or not. I would greatly appreciate any comment
about this from the "people of netdev" (Al Viro? Alex Mcwhirter?).

I can confirm the issue i was having with this commit still exists on sparc with the latest mainline kernel.