Linux 4.8-rc1

From: Linus Torvalds
Date: Sun Aug 07 2016 - 21:46:14 EST

It's been two weeks, and the merge window for 4.8 is thus closed.

Due to travel last week, I actually still have a few pull requests
pending in my inbox that I just wanted to take another look at before
merging, but the large bulk of the merge window material has been
merged, and I wanted to make sure there aren't any new ones coming in.

This seems to be building up to be one of the bigger releases lately,
but let's see how it all ends up. The merge window has been fairly
normal, although the patch itself looks somewhat unusual: over 20% of
the patch is documentation updates, due to conversion of the drm and
media documentation from docbook to the Sphinx doc format. There are
other doc updates, but that's the big bulk of it.

If you ignore the documentation format change, things look fairly
regular, with about 60% of the non-documentation diffs being drivers
(gpu, networking, media, sound, etc) and about 15% being arch updates
(arm, powerpc and x86 dominate, but there's mips and s390 too).

The rest is spread out - core networking, tooling (mainly perf),
include files, core kernel, vfs and low-level filesystems (xfs stands
out). Few areas escaped:

10787 files changed, 612208 insertions(+), 272098 deletions(-)

Go out and test. The diffs and logs are too big to post, so as usual
for rc1, I'm just appending my "merge log" for a very high-level view.



Al Viro (3):
vfs updates
qstr constification updates
more vfs updates

Alex Williamson (1):
VFIO updates

Alexandre Belloni (1):
RTC updates

Andrew Morton (5):
more updates
yet more updates
even more updates
misc fixes

Bjorn Andersson (2):
remoteproc updates
hwspinlock updates

Bjorn Helgaas (1):
PCI updates

Bob Peterson (1):
gfs2 updates

Borislav Petkov (1):
EDAC updates

Brian Norris (1):
MTD updates

Bruce Fields (1):
nfsd updates

Catalin Marinas (1):
arm64 updates

Chris Mason (2):
btrfs updates
more btrfs updates

Chris Metcalf (1):
tile architecture updates

Christoph Hellwig (2):
configfs update
freevxfs updates

Corey Minyard (1):
IPMI updates

Dan Williams (1):
libnvdimm updates

Darren Hart (1):
x8 platform driver updates

Dave Airlie (3):
drm updates
i915 drm fixes
drm zpos property support

Dave Chinner (2):
xfs updates
more xfs updates

David Miller (4):
networking updates
sparc updates
IDE updates
networking fixes

David Teigland (1):
dlm updates

David Vrabel (1):
xen updates

Dmitry Torokhov (2):
input updates
more input updates

Doug Ledford (2):
base rdma updates
second round of rdma updates

Eric Biederman (1):
userns vfs updates

Greg KH (5):
char/misc driver updates
staging and IIO driver updates
tty/serial driver updates
USB updates
more USB updates

Greg Ungerer (1):
m68knommu updates

Guenter Roeck (2):
hwmon updates
more hwmon updates

Hans-Christian Noren Egtvedt (1):
AVR32 updates

Helge Deller (1):
parisc updates

Herbert Xu (2):
crypto updates
crypto fixes

Ilya Dryomov (1):
Ceph updates

Ingo Molnar (21):
RCU updates
EFI updates
locking updates
RAS updates
perf updates
scheduler updates
NOHZ updates
x86/apic updates
x86 mm updates
x86 boot updates
x86 build updates
x86 cleanups
x86 stackdump update
x86 fpu updates
x86 platform updates
x86 timer updates
x86 fix
perf fixes
x86 header cleanups
x86 fixes
perf updates

Jacek Anaszewski (1):
LED updates

Jaegeuk Kim (1):
f2fs updates

James Bottomley (3):
SCSI updates
SCSI fixes
binfmt_misc update

James Hogan (1):
metag architecture updates

James Morris (1):
security subsystem updates

Jan Kara (1):
quota update

Jens Axboe (4):
core block updates
block driver updates
block fixes
more block fixes

Jiri Kosina (2):
trivial tree updates
HID updates

Joerg Roedel (1):
IOMMU updates

Jon Mason (1):
NTB updates

Jonathan Corbet (2):
documentation updates
documentation fixes

Jussi Brar (1):
mailbox updates

Kees Cook (2):
pstore subsystem updates
pstore fixes

Lee Jones (2):
MFD updates
backlight updates

Linus Walleij (2):
GPIO updates
pin control updates

Mark Brown (3):
regmap updates
regulator updates
spi updates

Martin Brandenburg (1):
orangefs update

Martin Schwidefsky (2):
s390 updates
more s390 updates

Mauro Carvalho Chehab (4):
media updates
media documentation updates
media DocBook removal and some fixups
mailcap fixlets

Michael Ellerman (2):
powerpc updates
more powerpc updates

Michael Tsirkin (1):
virtio/vhost updates

Michael Turquette (1):
clk updates

Michal Marek (2):
kbuild updates
misc kbuild updates

Mike Mashall (1):
orangefs updates

Mike Snitzer (2):
device mapper updates
device mapper fixes

Miklos Szeredi (2):
overlayfs update
fuse updates

Nicholas Bellinger (1):
SCSI target updates

Olof Johansson (7):
ARM SoC cleanups
ARM SoC platform updates
64-bit ARM SoC updates
ARM SoC defconfig updates
ARM SoC driver updates
ARM DT updates
64-bit ARM DT updates

Paolo Bonzini (2):
KVM updates
more KVM updates

Paul Moore (1):
audit updates

Radim KrÄmÃÅ (1):
KVM leftovers

Rafael Wysocki (7):
power management updates
ACPI updates
PNP update
power management fix
more power management updates
more ACPI updates
PNP fix

Ralf Baechle (1):
MIPS updates

Rich Felker (1):
arch/sh updates

Richard Weinberger (2):
UML updates
UBI/UBIFS updates

Rob Herring (1):
DeviceTree updates

Russell King (1):
ARM updates

Rusty Russell (1):
module updates

Sebastian Reichel (2):
power supply and reset updates
HSI updates

Shaohua Li (1):
MD updates

Shuah Khan (2):
kselftest fixes
kselftest updates

Simon Horman (1):
SH drivers updates

Steve French (1):
CIFS/SMB3 fixes

Steven Rostedt (2):
tracing updates
tracing fixes

Takashi Iwai (2):
sound updates
sound fixes

Ted Ts'o (3):
ext4 updates
random driver updates
random driver fix

Tejun Heo (3):
cgroup updates
libata updates
more cgroup updates

Thierry Reding (1):
pwm updates

Thomas Gleixner (7):
timer updates
irq updates
smp hotplug updates
misc fixes
perf fixes
x86 cpufeature updates
x86 microcode updates

Tony Luck (1):
ia64 updates

Trond Myklebust (1):
NFS client updates

Ulf Hansson (1):
MMC updates

Vineet Gupta (1):
ARC updates

Vinod Koul (1):
dmaengine updates

Will Deacon (1):
arm64 fixes

Wim Van Sebroeck (1):
watchdog updates

Wolfram Sang (1):
i2c updates