Re: [PATCH] phy: request shared IRQ

From: Xander Huff
Date: Wed Aug 24 2016 - 18:00:53 EST

On 8/24/2016 1:41 PM, Sergei Shtylyov wrote:

On 08/24/2016 08:53 PM, Xander Huff wrote:

From: Nathan Sullivan <nathan.sullivan@xxxxxx>

On hardware with multiple PHY devices hooked up to the same IRQ line, allow
them to share it.

Note that it had been allowed until my (erroneous?) commit
33c133cc7598e60976a069344910d63e56cc4401 ("phy: IRQ cannot be shared"), so I'd
like this commit just reverted instead...
I'm not sure now what was the reason I concluded that the IRQ sharing was
impossible... most probably I thought that the kernel IRQ handling code exited
the loop over the IRQ actions once IRQ_HANDLED was returned -- which is
obviously not so in reality...

MBR, Sergei

Thanks for the suggestion, Sergei. I'll do just that.

Xander Huff
Staff Software Engineer
National Instruments