Re: [PATCH v15.1 3/5] drm/rockchip: cdn-dp: add cdn DP support for rk3399

From: Chris Zhong
Date: Mon Sep 12 2016 - 05:45:35 EST

Hi Mark

OK, thanks.
I will send the whole series next time, hope it will not bother anyone

On 09/12/2016 05:13 PM, Mark Brown wrote:
On Fri, Sep 09, 2016 at 09:16:06PM -0700, Chris Zhong wrote:
Add support for cdn DP controller which is embedded in the rk3399
SoCs. The DP is compliant with DisplayPort Specification,
Please don't new patches in reply to old serieses, especially not
individual patches in the middle of the series - it just makes
everything more confusing. It becomes difficult to tell what the
version of the series that's actually expected is. Please send the
whole series.