Re: lockdep: incorrect deadlock warning with two GPIO expanders

From: Bartosz Golaszewski
Date: Fri Sep 16 2016 - 10:21:25 EST

2016-09-15 14:41 GMT+02:00 Linus Walleij <linus.walleij@xxxxxxxxxx>:
> Oh clever. Of course.
> Bartosz can you try out this approach?
> Yours,
> Linus Walleij

Hi Linus,

I submitted a patch reusing a routine already present in i2c.h that
allows to test if an i2c adapter's parent is also an i2c adapter,
which is the case for adapters behind a multiplexer.

Also Cc'ed linux-i2c and Wolfram Sang to let him take a look if the
API is used correctly.

Best regards,
Bartosz Golaszewski