Re: GPU-DRM-OMAP: Fine-tuning for several function implementations

From: SF Markus Elfring
Date: Thu Sep 22 2016 - 05:12:18 EST

>> For the next pile of driver patches _please_ talk with driver maintainers
>> before starting to create&submit patches.

Did the software development discussion start a bit here?

Would you like to support an other "talking style" on a conference
like in Berlin next month?

>> Like I said I won't take them,

It's a pity.

>> and many of your changes are not clear-cut at all,

I know that specific update suggestions could be interpreted as controversial.

>> so I expect many driver maintaines also won't take them.

I am curious on useful responses.

>> Again, your contributions are welcome,

Thanks for another bit of constructive feedback.

>> but blindly following suggestions from code checkers in drivers

I propose to dare another look at corresponding information sources.

>> you cant test isn't really all that useful.

I have got an other impression.

How many improvements can still be achieved by usual (advanced) collaboration
techniques for free software development?

>> At the scale you're doing it, I think it's mostly wasting everyone's time

I hope not.

> :( I'd like to avoid that.

I am going to point more update opportunities out also for various Linux software.

> I second that.

Thanks for your opinion on this issue.

> After a very quick review, I see that the series splits related changes
> in multiple patches.

I chose a specific patch granularity for this proposal.

> I've already commented in reply to another series submitted by Markus
> that patches should then be combined.

Will such a combination depend on any more agreements between the involved contributors?

> I will thus ignore this series completely for the time being.

I hope that you can give similar ideas a second chance somehow.