Re: iio: Rename a jump label in iio_buffer_store_watermark()

From: SF Markus Elfring
Date: Sun Sep 25 2016 - 11:18:06 EST

> It's not an inappropriate identifier as it stands. The point is
> that it could be better.

Thanks for your interest in clarifying further improvement possibilities.

>>> Which tool is spitting it out?
>> Are you looking for any special tool?
> I was wondering how you identified these particular
> issues as I wanted to know the logic behind the test.

Do you get any related ideas from information in a message like
"Source code review around jump label usage" (from 2015-12-11)?<566ABCD9.1060404@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

>> Which test do you mean?
> Whatever you used to find these jump labels

There is a general possibility that dedicated scripts for the semantic
patch language can also adjust jump labels as I suggested it for five
functions in this software.

> (the patch series description suggested it was a static checker).

The corresponding five patches are just a result of a source code review
by the means of a current text editor wit extra support for programming.

How do you think about to improve the capabilities of tools for advanced
static source code analysis any further?