About 1000Mbps capability for the GMAC of RK3288

From: Randy Li
Date: Sun Sep 25 2016 - 22:34:59 EST

I have confirmed the 1000Mbps won't work with kernel 4.4, I have to disable it in dts.
The TRM shows that it may not support 1000Mbps, as the gmac_speed in GRF_SOC_CON1 is just a bit length flag.
Also I have test the performance at the firefly plus with upstream kernel, it even looks bad at 100Mpbs mode, only 5~6 MBytes per second. I wonder whether it is the hardware design problem or some problem in driver, I would report if I got more information.

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Subject: About 1000Mbps with RK3288 and performance
Date: Tue, 20 Sep 2016 09:31:57 +0800
From: Randy Li <randy.li@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Organization: Fuzhou Rockchip
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Hello Wu
Have you guys confirmed the RK3288 EVB with 1000Mbps network? I meet this issue in the weekend. The kernel is 4.4, when I connected the board into a 1000Mbps switch(Dell PowerConnect Serial), the speed negatived 1000Mbps at both side(I checked with console in switch), but the network can't work at all. I have downgrade the speed to 100Mbps or packages loss is nearly 100%.
Also I have been reported with performance of ethernet in Upstream kernel, it could barely 5-6MBytes in my test, do you have some idea about this?
You could dial internal number 8308 to talk with me.
Yours Randy

Randy Li
The third produce department
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