Re: [PATCH 0/4] kill get_clock_tick_rate()

From: Robert Jarzmik
Date: Mon Sep 26 2016 - 15:29:37 EST

Robert Jarzmik <robert.jarzmik@xxxxxxx> writes:

> Hi,
> This serie aims at killing get_clock_tick_rate() from pxa and sa1100 and replace
> it by clock API calls.
> I'd like to have this reviewed and acked afterwards at least by :
> - Russell for the mach-sa1100 and sa1100_wdt.c
> - Stephen or Michael for the clk-pxa25x.c
> - Thomas or Daniel for the clocksource part
> - Wim for sa1100_wdt.c
> If the review converges, I'd also like to take it through the pxa/for-next tree,
> or alternatively Russell's tree if there is a dependency I'm not seeing, for
> v4.10 cycle.

Hi Russell,

Would you have time within the next 2 weeks to give this serie a review and
maybe an Ack from the sa1100 impacted parts (that would be patches 2, 3 and 4) ?

I can also resend the serie if it's easier in your workflow.