Re: [PATCH] VSOCK: Don't dec ack backlog twice for rejected connections

From: David Miller
Date: Tue Sep 27 2016 - 08:00:41 EST

From: Jorgen Hansen <jhansen@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 26 Sep 2016 23:59:53 -0700

> If a pending socket is marked as rejected, we will decrease the
> sk_ack_backlog twice. So don't decrement it for rejected sockets
> in vsock_pending_work().
> Testing of the rejected socket path was done through code
> modifications.
> Reported-by: Stefan Hajnoczi <stefanha@xxxxxxxxxx>
> Signed-off-by: Jorgen Hansen <jhansen@xxxxxxxxxx>
> Reviewed-by: Adit Ranadive <aditr@xxxxxxxxxx>
> Reviewed-by: Aditya Sarwade <asarwade@xxxxxxxxxx>

Applied, thanks.