[BUG] checkpatch hangs at value annotation

From: Jan HÃppner
Date: Wed Sep 28 2016 - 08:17:55 EST

Hi Andy,

when I check the following patch example with checkpatch it will hang forever.

diff --git a/test.c b/test.c
index 88c2eb0cb608..583625fdb715 100644
--- a/test.c
+++ b/test.c
@@ -1 +1,3 @@
uint## BITS ##_t foobar;

The hang is due to the spaces in the concatenation in the first line.
When you remove the space (like this uint##BITS##_t) it will run
through just fine.

I debugged the script with perl -d a little and found that the problem
is somewhere in the annotate_values sub-routine. It will always jump
in this block:

} elsif ($cur =~ /^($Modifier)\s*/) {
print "MODIFIER($1)\n" if ($dbg_values > 1);
$type = 'T';


$1 seems to be undefined even though the regex matched. However, $1
needs to be defined so that the loop can move on with evaluating the
rest of the current string (see end of the routine).

If you want me to try a few more things or provide more data, please
let me know. Due to lack of time and a vague knowledge of perl, I'm
not able to provide a proposal for a proper fix.

Best regards,