RE: [PATCH for-next 0/8] Bug Fixes and Code Improvement in HNS driver

From: Salil Mehta
Date: Thu Sep 29 2016 - 13:17:18 EST

> Hi Salil,
> I've chatted with Dave Miller about this series. Here's where we
> stand.
> First, the review feedback from Dave:
> ---
> In patch #7, their comments are mis-formatted and these
> hns guys do this a lot.
> /*fix hardware broadcast/multicast packets queue loopback */
> They seem to have a hard time putting an initial space in the comment,
> and properly capitalizing and punctuating their sentences.
> Also in that new function, they need to order local variables from
> longest to shortest line (reverse christmas tree format).
> Patch #6 has the local variable ordering issue as well as does patch
> #3.

Hi Doug,
I have refloated PATCH V2 with reworked 6/8 and 7/8 patches.

I scanned [PATCH V1 3/8] but could not find any ordering issue amongst
local variables there. I hope I have not missed anything.

Best regards