Re: ima measurement carrying on -mm

From: Eric W. Biederman
Date: Thu Sep 29 2016 - 17:49:07 EST

Andrew Morton <akpm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> On Thu, 29 Sep 2016 17:44:10 -0300 Thiago Jung Bauermann <bauerman@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Hello Andrew,
>> You have in the -mm tree a version of the "kexec handover buffer" and "ima
>> carry measurement list" patches that were NAKed by Eric Biederman. I would
>> just like to double-check that there's no risk of that version reaching
>> v4.9.
>> Mimi posted v5 of a merged patch set that addresses Eric's concern:
>> There are no separate kexec handover patches anymore. They were folded into
>> the series above. The kexec code is simplified now, it doesn't support
>> updating the buffer and recalculating the hash on reboot, and is now IMA-
>> specific instead of a generic kexec feature.
> Yup, thanks.
> I wasn't thinking any of this material is suitable for 4.9. Seems that
> a bit more consideration will be needed. Am I wrong about that?

With Mimi's v5 version of these patches the kexec portions look reasonable
and the rest is pretty much just ima code and a little bit of powerpc
specific glue (as this is only currently supported for the powerpc
way of passing boot parameters).

> Are all of these -mm patches up to date?

No. There was a v5 that mimi posted. I think the patches listed below are
obsolete at this point.

> kexec_file-allow-arch-specific-memory-walking-for-kexec_add_buffer.patch
> kexec_file-change-kexec_add_buffer-to-take-kexec_buf-as-argument.patch
> kexec_file-factor-out-kexec_locate_mem_hole-from-kexec_add_buffer.patch
> powerpc-change-places-using-config_kexec-to-use-config_kexec_core-instead.patch
> powerpc-factor-out-relocation-code-from-module_64c-to-elf_util_64c.patch
> powerpc-generalize-elf64_apply_relocate_add.patch
> powerpc-adapt-elf64_apply_relocate_add-for-kexec_file_load.patch
> powerpc-add-functions-to-read-elf-files-of-any-endianness.patch
> powerpc-implement-kexec_file_load.patch
> powerpc-add-code-to-work-with-device-trees-in-kexec_file_load.patch
> powerpc-add-support-for-loading-elf-kernels-with-kexec_file_load.patch
> powerpc-add-support-for-loading-elf-kernels-with-kexec_file_load-fix.patch
> powerpc-add-purgatory-for-kexec_file_load-implementation.patch
> powerpc-add-purgatory-for-kexec_file_load-implementation-fix.patch
> powerpc-enable-config_kexec_file-in-powerpc-server-defconfigs.patch
> #
> kexec_file-include-the-purgatory-segment-in-the-kexec-image-checksum.patch
> kexec_file-add-buffer-hand-over-support-for-the-next-kernel.patch
> powerpc-kexec_file-add-buffer-hand-over-support-for-the-next-kernel.patch
> kexec_file-add-mechanism-to-update-kexec-segments.patch