[PATCH net-next 0/6] rxrpc: Fixes and adjustments

From: David Howells
Date: Thu Sep 29 2016 - 18:15:48 EST

This set of patches contains some fixes and adjustments:

(1) Connections for exclusive calls are being reused because the check to
work out whether to set RXRPC_CONN_DONT_REUSE is checking where the
parameters will be copied to (but haven't yet).

(2) Make Tx loss-injection go through the normal return, so the state gets
set correctly for what the code thinks it has done.

Note lost Tx packets in the tx_data trace rather than the skb

(3) Activate channels according to the current state from within the
channel_lock to avoid someone changing it on us.

(4) Reduce the local endpoint's services list to a single pointer as we
don't allow service AF_RXRPC sockets to share UDP ports with other
AF_RXRPC sockets, so there can't be more than one element in the list.

(5) Request more ACKs in slow-start mode to help monitor the state driving
the window configuration.

(6) Display the serial number of the packet being ACK'd rather than the
ACK packet's own serial number in the congestion trace as this can be
related to other entries in the trace.

The patches can be found here also:


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David Howells (6):
rxrpc: Fix exclusive client connections
rxrpc: Make Tx loss-injection go through normal return and adjust tracing
rxrpc: When activating client conn channels, do state check inside lock
rxrpc: Reduce the rxrpc_local::services list to a pointer
rxrpc: Request more ACKs in slow-start mode
rxrpc: Note serial number being ACK'd in the congestion management trace

include/trace/events/rxrpc.h | 6 ++++--
net/rxrpc/af_rxrpc.c | 21 ++++++++-------------
net/rxrpc/ar-internal.h | 6 ++----
net/rxrpc/call_accept.c | 8 ++++----
net/rxrpc/call_event.c | 2 +-
net/rxrpc/conn_client.c | 38 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++------------
net/rxrpc/input.c | 8 ++++----
net/rxrpc/local_object.c | 3 +--
net/rxrpc/misc.c | 1 -
net/rxrpc/output.c | 18 ++++++++++--------
net/rxrpc/security.c | 8 ++++----
net/rxrpc/sendmsg.c | 2 +-
net/rxrpc/skbuff.c | 11 +++--------
13 files changed, 68 insertions(+), 64 deletions(-)