Re: 4.9-rc0: nf_hooks_ingress missing, breaking compilation

From: Aaron Conole
Date: Thu Oct 06 2016 - 09:54:30 EST

Pavel Machek <pavel@xxxxxx> writes:

> Hi!

Hi Pavel,

> In kernel based on edadd0e, I get plenty of errors such as:

In this case, I screwed up - sincere apologies.

Enabling CONFIG_NETFILTER_INGRESS will work around this error for the
time being, while the fix makes it way through the various trees.

> net/netfilter/core.c:96:3: note: in expansion of macro ârcu_assign_pointerâ
> rcu_assign_pointer(reg->dev->nf_hooks_ingress, entry);
> ^
> In file included from ./include/linux/linkage.h:4:0,
> from ./include/linux/kernel.h:6,
> from net/netfilter/core.c:10:
> net/netfilter/core.c:96:30: error: âstruct net_deviceâ has no member named ânf_hooks_ingressâ
> rcu_assign_pointer(reg->dev->nf_hooks_ingress, entry);
> ^
> Config is attached.
> [Ok, I guess testing -rc0 is "a bit too brave" :-)]
> Best regards,
> Pavel