Re: [PATCH V1 01/10] mfd: da9061: MFD core support

From: Keerthy
Date: Fri Oct 07 2016 - 22:57:51 EST

On Friday 07 October 2016 08:02 PM, Steve Twiss wrote:

On 06 October 2016 17:34, Steve Twiss wrote:
On 06 October 2016 11:38, Keerthy [mailto:a0393675@xxxxxx], wrote:
+ int cell_num;
No need of cell_num.

+ cell_num = ARRAY_SIZE(da9061_devs);
No need of the above assignment

+ cell_num = ARRAY_SIZE(da9062_devs);
No need of the above assignment

+ ret = mfd_add_devices(chip->dev, PLATFORM_DEVID_NONE, cell,
+ cell_num, NULL, irq_base,
Use ARRAY_SIZE(cell) instead if cell_num

Okay. Can do that.

Okay. I cannot do that.
Dropped that change.

drivers/mfd/da9062-core.c: In function 'da9062_i2c_probe':
./include/linux/bug.h:34:45: error: negative width in bit-field '<anonymous>'
#define BUILD_BUG_ON_ZERO(e) (sizeof(struct { int:-!!(e); }))
./include/linux/compiler-gcc.h:64:28: note: in expansion of macro 'BUILD_BUG_ON_ZERO'
#define __must_be_array(a) BUILD_BUG_ON_ZERO(__same_type((a), &(a)[0]))
./include/linux/kernel.h:53:59: note: in expansion of macro '__must_be_array'
#define ARRAY_SIZE(arr) (sizeof(arr) / sizeof((arr)[0]) + __must_be_array(arr))
drivers/mfd/da9062-core.c:919:10: note: in expansion of macro 'ARRAY_SIZE'
ARRAY_SIZE(cell), NULL, irq_base,

Okay. yes i got it.