Re: [PATCH v2] xenbus: advertize control feature flags

From: David Vrabel
Date: Mon Oct 10 2016 - 06:16:24 EST

On 10/10/16 10:43, Paul Durrant wrote:
> The Xen docs specify several flags which a guest can set to advertize
> which values of the xenstore control/shutdown key it will recognize.
> This patch adds code to write all the relevant feature-flag keys.
> static int setup_shutdown_watcher(void)
> {
> + static struct shutdown_handler *handler;
> int err;
> + for (handler = &shutdown_handlers[0]; handler->command; handler++) {
> + char *node;

char node[20];

and avoid the allocation and resulting error path.

As Juergen notes, the 'flag' field isn't used anywhere now. Can you
please test your patches and verify the correct keys are being created?