Re: md/raid1: Improve another size determination in setup_conf()

From: Jes Sorensen
Date: Mon Oct 10 2016 - 10:01:52 EST

SF Markus Elfring <elfring@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
>>> How do you value compliance with coding styles?
>> The Linux Coding Style is not a law,
> How serious can such guidelines become for software developers?
>> nor is it at all perfect.
> I got a similar impression. But are there enough items where a mostly clear
> guidance is specified?
>> You clearly misunderstood how Linux development work
> I got an other impression.
>> and you are doing a great job wasting everyone's time with this patchset.
> Would you like to reject any update steps for the affected source files
> from this patch series?
> Can it "accidentally" happen that some of them will be really worth
> also for your precious software development attention?

Given that none of your patches fix any real bugs and you do your best
to ignore any guidance you have been given, I do reject your entire
patchset and you can consider this a NACK for this entire series.

I get the impression you obtain your response to any email from M-x