Re: [PATCH] iwlwifi: pcie: reduce "unsupported splx" to a warning

From: Chris Rorvick
Date: Tue Oct 11 2016 - 10:27:44 EST

On Tue, Oct 11, 2016 at 9:09 AM, Chris Rorvick <chris@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I didn't receive your email so I'll try to respond via Paul's.

>>> If this is really bothering you, I guess I could apply this patch for
>>> now. But as I said, this is not solving the actual problem.
>> Bikeshedding: I think IWL_INFO() is more appropriate, as info doesn't
>> imply one needs to act on this message, while warn does imply that
>> action is needed.
> Agreed. I still think making this a warning is appropriate, but it
> seems pretty clear this is not an error. This has nothing to do with
> how much it bothers me. An error tells the user something needs to be
> fixed, but in this case the interface is working fine. Making it a
> warning with an improved message will result in fewer people wasting
> their time.

I found your original email on should have looked there in
the first place! Yes, if there is a fix for the underlying issue then
that is obviously preferred. When I investigated this I saw several
reports spanning at least a few distros and kernel versions with at
least some concluding "this is normal".

Again, thanks!