Re: [PATCH v3 3/4] mm: try to exhaust highatomic reserve before the OOM

From: Michal Hocko
Date: Wed Oct 12 2016 - 04:35:02 EST

Looks much better. Thanks! I am wondering whether we want to have this
marked for stable. The patch is quite non-intrusive and fires only when
we are really OOM. It is definitely better to try harder than go and
disrupt the system by the OOM killer. So I would add
Fixes: 0aaa29a56e4f ("mm, page_alloc: reserve pageblocks for high-order atomic allocations on demand")
Cc: stable # 4.4+

The backport will look slightly different for kernels prior 4.6 because
we do not have should_reclaim_retry yet but the check might hook right
before __alloc_pages_may_oom.
Michal Hocko