Re: [GIT PULL] overlayfs update for 4.9

From: Linus Torvalds
Date: Fri Oct 14 2016 - 00:04:48 EST

On Thu, Oct 13, 2016 at 7:37 AM, Miklos Szeredi <miklos@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Please pull from:


Or rather, I pulled and then immediately unpulled. When I look at the
diff, I saw an obvious bug in the very first chunk. I'm not going to
pull something that is this obviously buggy and untested.

Your change to fs/ioctl.c to add a -EXDEV error case very clearly
leaks a reference to 'src_file'.

It's too late in the merge window for this to be fixed up any more.
This has been a painful enough merge window for me that I'm not going
to play around with obviously buggy pull requests.