Re: [PATCH] Coccinelle: misc: Improve the script for more accurate results

From: Vaishali Thakkar
Date: Fri Oct 14 2016 - 08:25:36 EST

On Friday 14 October 2016 02:21 PM, Lars-Peter Clausen wrote:
> On 10/13/2016 07:01 PM, Vaishali Thakkar wrote:
>> On Thursday 13 October 2016 09:45 PM, Julia Lawall wrote:
>>> On Thu, 13 Oct 2016, Vaishali Thakkar wrote:
>>>> Currently because of the left associativity of the operators,
>>>> pattern IRQF_ONESHOT | flags does not match with the pattern
>>>> when we have more than one flag after the disjunction. This
>>>> eventually results in giving false positives by the script.
>>>> The patch eliminates these FPs by improving the rule.
>>>> Also, add a new rule to eliminate the false positives given by
>>>> the new line issue.
>>>> Misc:
>>>> 1. Add support for the context, org and report mode in the case
>>>> of devm_request_threaded_irq
>>>> 2. To be consistent with other scripts, change the confidence
>>>> level to 'Moderate'
>>> I'm getting a lot more reports for context mode than for patch mode, eg
>>> for sound/pcmcia/vx/vxpocket.c. Is this normal?
>> This seems to be because of the ... in '*request_threaded_irq@p(...)'.
>> Usually I think we should have same rules for the patch and context mode.
>> But the original code does not do that. So, I was not sure if that was
>> intentional or not.
>> [just in case, person wants to check all cases of these functions using
>> context mode]
> To be honest, I don't remember if it was intentional or not. But looking at
> it now, I'd say context mode should use the same pattern as the report mode.
> The way it is right now context mode certainly generates a fair amount of
> false positives.
> As for your patch I'd say split this into multiple patches, one patch to add
> the missing devm_ variants to the context and report mode and one patch to
> improve the matching, since these are two independent changes.

Sure. I'll send the revised version with 3 patches. One more with changing
the rule of context mode.