Re: [PATCH 0/4 v2] Audio support for adv7511 hdmi bridge

From: Kuninori Morimoto
Date: Tue Nov 01 2016 - 21:43:38 EST

Hi John

> > Above patch is using normal simple-card style for HDMI sound, but as Laurent
> > said we want to use same DT style for HDMI video and sound (= OF graph style).
> > Fortunately, I posted patch-set for OF graph support on sound card yesterday.
> > Can you check this ?
> >
> > The points are
> > - sound can use OF graph style DT
> > - sound-card DT is no longer needed
> > - it needs type = "sound" property
> >
> > patch-set [0/23] is this
> >
> Thanks for the pointers! If I understand this correctly, the OF graph
> simple-card method would replace my current simple-card dts usage for
> hikey? Other then just having another out-of-tree patchset to track,
> I don't have any objection to trying to use the OF graph simple-card
> method in the hikey dts (though I suspect I'll have to pester you for
> help when I give it a shot).

I posted v2 patchset OF graph simple-card which doesn't have "type" property.
Anyway, if you use OF graph simple-card, your "CPU" side driver need to
call asoc_simple_card_try_to_probe_graph_card() to probing it.

And this is not 100% mandatory, but your CPU and/or Codec driver
want to adjust OF graph style for parsing. The position is like this

simple-card :: dai-link <-> OF graph simple-card :: port/endpoint