Re: [PATCH v3] console: use first console if stdout-path device doesn't appear

From: Andreas Schwab
Date: Fri Nov 04 2016 - 04:06:01 EST

On Nov 03 2016, Paul Burton <paul.burton@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> If a device tree specified a preferred device for kernel console output
> via the stdout-path or linux,stdout-path chosen node properties there's
> no guarantee that it will have specified a device for which we have a
> driver. It may also be the case that we do have a driver but it doesn't
> call of_console_check() to register as a preferred console (eg. offb
> driver as used on powermac systems).
> In these cases try to ensure that we provide some console output by
> enabling the first usable registered console, which we keep track of
> with the of_fallback_console variable. Affected systems will enable
> their console later than they did prior to commit 05fd007e4629
> ("console: don't prefer first registered if DT specifies stdout-path")
> but should otherwise produce the same output.
> Tested in QEMU with a PowerPC pseries_defconfig kernel.

Unfortunately, that still doesn't work on PowerMac.


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