[PATCH v3 0/3] PCI: qcom: Add support to msm8996 pcie controller.

From: Srinivas Kandagatla
Date: Fri Nov 04 2016 - 08:59:59 EST

This patchset adds support to msm8996 pcie controller. I tested this patch on
v4.9-rc2 along with phy driver patch [1] and
"PCI: designware: check for iATU unroll support after initializing host"
fix [2] on DB820c APQ8096 board on port B and port C using sata and
ethernet controller.

Changes since v2:
- Removed regulators that belong to phy, spotted by Stephen
- Removed clocks in to simple pm bus driver, spotted by Stephen
- renamed msm8996 ops to v2 ops as suggested by Stephen.
- cleanups as suggested by Stephen.
- Add runtime pm support to driver.
- Added pm clk support to simple pm bus driver.

Changes since v1:
- Fixed dt example as suggested by Rob
- added smmu bus clk dependency as smmu sits in between
system NOC and PCIe.
- Removed smmu configuration from bindings and driver as
the smmu Level2 translation on this SOC is controlled by
the secure world, and level 1 translation is disabled,
so there is one-to-one mapping of the address space.


[1] https://patchwork.kernel.org/patch/9384711/
[2] https://patchwork.kernel.org/patch/9377557/

Srinivas Kandagatla (3):
bus: simple-pm: add support to pm clocks
PCI: qcom: add support to msm8996 PCIE controller
PCI: qcom: add runtime pm support to pcie_port

.../devicetree/bindings/pci/qcom,pcie.txt | 68 +++++++-
drivers/bus/simple-pm-bus.c | 13 +-
drivers/pci/host/pcie-qcom.c | 183 ++++++++++++++++++++-
3 files changed, 257 insertions(+), 7 deletions(-)