Re: [PATCH v2 2/2 ] net: ethernet: nb8800: handle all RGMII definitions

From: Sebastian Frias
Date: Fri Nov 04 2016 - 14:24:44 EST

Hi David,

On 11/04/2016 06:54 PM, David Miller wrote:
> From: Sebastian Frias <sf84@xxxxxxxxxxx>
> Date: Fri, 4 Nov 2016 18:02:15 +0100
>> Commit a999589ccaae ("phylib: add RGMII-ID interface mode definition")
>> and commit 7d400a4c5897 ("phylib: add PHY interface modes for internal
>> delay for tx and rx only") added several RGMII definitions:
>> PHY_INTERFACE_MODE_RGMII_TXID to deal with internal delays.
>> Those are all RGMII modes (1Gbit) and must be considered that way when
>> setting the MAC mode or the pad mode for the HW to work properly.
>> Signed-off-by: Sebastian Frias <sf84@xxxxxxxxxxx>
> You cannot just repost one part of a patch series when you make changes.
> You must always repost the entire series as a new fresh version, with
> changelog entries added to your "[PATCH v2 0/2] ..." header posting.

Thanks for the information.

I sent v2, and then v3, because v2 had formatting issues, hopefully it is
ok now.

Best regards,