Re: Linux 4.9: Reported regressions as of Sunday, 2016-10-30

From: Thorsten Leemhuis
Date: Sun Nov 06 2016 - 08:18:33 EST

Lo! On 01.11.2016 09:18, Paul Bolle wrote:
> On Sun, 2016-10-30 at 14:20 +0100, Thorsten Leemhuis wrote:
>> As always: Are you aware of any other regressions? Then please let me
>> know (simply CC regressions@xxxxxxxxxxxxx).
> Do build regressions count?

That's a good question.

> Because I was trying to fix an obscure build issue in arch/mips, choose
> a random configuration that should hit that issue, and promptly ran
> into
> The same configuration does build under v4.8, I tested that of course.

I'd say it's a practical problem that users run into and hence it's a
regression. Sure, in this case it hits only those that compile kernels
themselves; but those are users, too, and we don't want to scare them
away with things that suddenly stop working.

IOW: I'll include it in this weeks report.

Ciao, Thorsten