Re: [PATCHv6 00/11] i2c: Relax mandatory I2C ID table passing

From: Wolfram Sang
Date: Sun Nov 06 2016 - 19:08:06 EST

> As such, in this series I have extended i2c_of_match_device_strip_vendor
> so that it will also perform a search against a full compatible string
> for the matching process. This was not done by the core OF framework as
> the sysfs interface does not create an of_node to match against. If so
> desired, this function could now be renamed to i2c_of_match_device_sysfs

Looks good from a glimpse. Now I want to test, but I can't apply to
v4.9-rc3. What is your base? Is there a branch available? Or could you
even resend, rebased with the sysfs_streq() change applied?

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