Re: [RFC PATCH] ARM: dts: Add support for Turris Omnia

From: Andrew Lunn
Date: Thu Nov 24 2016 - 10:07:28 EST

> @Tomas: I think it doesn't make sense when we alternate sending patches
> without prior arrangement. Do you already work on a v5? If not I can do
> that to fix the last few comments. Not sure when a submission is too
> late to enter v4.10, but I think the window isn't that big any more.

It is getting a bit late. But maybe Linus will add in another -rc

> > No leds? No buttons via gpio-keys?
> The leds are controlled by a Cortex-M0 and without intervention blink
> according to a hardware function (network, power, pci). IMHO that's ok
> for an initial setup.

Yes. That is fine. It is just unusual. Most boards have gpio-led and
gpio-keys, which are easy to add. That is why i asked. Adding an LED
driver which talks to this M0 can be added later.