Re: [PATCH 7/9] clocksource/drivers/rockchip_timer: implement clocksource timer

From: Alexander Kochetkov
Date: Fri Nov 25 2016 - 04:18:15 EST

Hello Heiko!

> 24 ÐÐÑÐ. 2016 Ð., Ð 15:17, Heiko StÃbner <heiko@xxxxxxxxx> ÐÐÐÐÑÐÐ(Ð):
> When touching devicetree-properties, please also adapt the binding document
> Documentation/devicetree/bindings/timer,rockchip,rk-timer.txt
> in this case and also include the devicetree maintainers.

Could you please clarify, i should send whole patch series and include devicetree maintainers
for whole patch series or i should send devicetree patches separately?

> 24 ÐÐÑÐ. 2016 Ð., Ð 16:21, Heiko StÃbner <heiko@xxxxxxxxx> ÐÐÐÐÑÐÐ(Ð):
> correct, use both but also update the binding, like
> mmc/rockchip-dw-mshc.txt does.

Here devicetree patch for this:

> 24 ÐÐÑÐ. 2016 Ð., Ð 17:32, Heiko StÃbner <heiko@xxxxxxxxx> ÐÐÐÐÑÐÐ(Ð):
>> I may suggest such solution here: if I want clocksource, I have to declare
>> two timer in device tree. First probed timer would be clockevent and second
>> one would be clocksource. All other timers will be ignored. Is that
>> solution good?
> yep, sounds good, especially as with your patch 9/9 you already declare these
> necessary timers.
>> If I want one timer and want it be clocksource not clockevent how that
>> situation should be configured? Device tree not good for this. Kconfig not
>> good. Pass that configuration on kernel command line?
> simply ignore that case :-)

Here devicetree patch for this:

And Iâll going to resend new patch series with discussed modifications.
It will contain only rk_timer and dts modifications.
I have to do more tests.