Re: [PATCH v2 0/3] increase TSCADC clock to 24MHz and fix ti,charge-delay to represent in nS

From: Mugunthan V N
Date: Tue Nov 29 2016 - 00:42:02 EST

On Friday 25 November 2016 03:29 PM, Lee Jones wrote:
> On Fri, 25 Nov 2016, Mugunthan V N wrote:
>> Hi Dmitry Torokhov,
>> On Thursday 10 November 2016 10:05 PM, Mugunthan V N wrote:
>>> This patch series enables ADC to be clocked at 24MHz as the
>>> TI AM335x ADC driver has already adopted to use DMA to transfer
>>> ADC samples. Now ADC can generated upto 800K Samples per second
>>> with the patch [1] on AM335x BBB and AM437x GP EVM.
>>> when ADC ref clock is set at 24MHz, I am seeing some issue with
>>> touch screen pointer as the pointer jumps to random locations
>>> with free draw application. The issue is due to increase in ADC
>>> clock and charge delay for the touchscreen ADC line duration
>>> reduced.
>>> So the notation of ti,charge-delay in terms of ADC clock is
>>> wrong, it has to be represented in time and driver has to convert
>>> the charge delay time to ADC clocks based on what ADC clock
>>> frequency is set.
>>> Measured the performance with the iio_generic_buffer with the
>>> patch [2] applied
>>> Verified the touch screen on AM335x GP EVM and AM335x BBB LCD7
>>> cape with [3] dts for display and touch screen to work.
>> Since there are acks from DT and MFD maintainers, can you pull the patch
>> series if you do not have any more comments.
> Cant do anything without *all* Acks.
Hi Dmitry Torokhov,

Can you provide your inputs on the patch series.

Mugunthan V N