Re: [PATCH V7 0/3] irqchip: qcom: Add IRQ combiner driver

From: Hanjun Guo
Date: Tue Nov 29 2016 - 06:32:50 EST

Hi Agustin,

On 2016/11/14 5:59, Agustin Vega-Frias wrote:
Add support for IRQ combiners in the Top-level Control and Status
Registers (TCSR) hardware block in Qualcomm Technologies chips.

The first patch fixes IRQ probe deferral by allowing platform_device
IRQ resources to be re-initialized if the ACPI core failed to find
the IRQ domain during ACPI bus scan.

The second patch adds support for ResourceSource/IRQ domain mapping
when using Extended IRQ Resources with a specific ResourceSource.
These changes are conditional on the ACPI_GENERIC_GSI config.

The third patch takes advantage of the new capabilities to implement
the driver for the IRQ combiners.

Tested on top of v4.9-rc4.

Changes V6 -> V7:
* Consolidate changes for ResourceSource/IRQ domain mapping to the same
source file implementing the generic GSI support, making it conditional
* Eliminate some code duplication by implementing acpi_register_gsi in
terms of the new acpi_register_irq API.

I had a test on Hisilicon D03 which needs patch 1 and 2 in this patch
set to enable the mbigen irqchip, and it works pretty good.

Patch 1/3 can remove the device dependency for the irqchip and platform
devices, and I removed my patch (ACPI: irq: introduce interrupt
producer) then add your patch 2/3, devices such as SAS and native
network works fine on my D03.

I will comment on the patches later.