Re: [PATCH] IIO: Change msleep to usleep_range for small msecs

From: Linus Walleij
Date: Wed Nov 30 2016 - 07:19:17 EST

On Sun, Nov 27, 2016 at 11:51 AM, Jonathan Cameron <jic23@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On 26/11/16 03:47, Aniroop Mathur wrote:


>> /* Wait to make sure we started up properly */
>> - mdelay(data->start_up_time);
>> + usleep_range(data->start_up_time, data->start_up_time + 100);
> As this in probe I doubt we really care. Could just set it longer to shut up the warnings.
> Still would like some input from say Linus on this...

Hm, I don't think it's a big issue... this works too it just looks overworked.

On the runtime_resume() path we use msleep() instead which I guess is why
it is not changed in this patch, but they have the same purpose.

Linus Walleij