[GIT PULL] Please pull Linux client updates

From: Trond Myklebust
Date: Wed Dec 21 2016 - 09:02:49 EST

Hi Linus,

This pull request is on overtime, I know, but the contents should be
fairly uncontroversial. The main reason for pushing them now rather
than next week is that technically, the attribute cache improvements
are a performance improvement and so ought to be pushed during the
merge window.

The following changes since commit 2549f307b5997bf5dd91071428e8090d9faa8b1b:

Merge tag 'nfs-rdma-4.10-1' of git://git.linux-nfs.org/projects/anna/nfs-rdma (2016-12-10 10:31:44 -0500)

are available in the git repository at:

git://git.linux-nfs.org/projects/trondmy/linux-nfs.git tags/nfs-for-4.10-2

for you to fetch changes up to 8ac2b42238f549241a4755de40fd161fba3de438:

NFSv4: Retry the DELEGRETURN if the embedded GETATTR is rejected with EACCES (2016-12-19 17:30:03 -0500)


NFS client updates for Linux 4.10

Highlights include:

- Further attribute cache improvements to make revalidation more fine grained
- NFSv4 locking improvements

- nfs4_fl_prepare_ds must be careful about reporting success in files layout
- pNFS/flexfiles: Instead of marking a device inactive, remove it from the cache

NeilBrown (3):
NFSv4.1: nfs4_fl_prepare_ds must be careful about reporting success.
NFSv4: ensure __nfs4_find_lock_state returns consistent result.
NFS: Don't disconnect open-owner on NFS4ERR_BAD_SEQID

Trond Myklebust (15):
NFSv4: Update the attribute cache info in update_changeattr
NFSv4: Don't discard the attributes returned by asynchronous DELEGRETURN
NFS: Don't revalidate the file on close if we hold a delegation
NFS: Clean up cache validity checking
NFS: Only look at the change attribute cache state in nfs_weak_revalidate()
NFS: Fix and clean up the access cache validity checking
NFS: Remove unused function nfs_revalidate_inode_rcu()
NFS: Clean up nfs_attribute_timeout()
NFSv4: Add encode/decode of the layoutreturn op in OPEN_DOWNGRADE
pNFS: Return RW layouts on OPEN_DOWNGRADE
NFS: Don't abuse NFS_INO_REVAL_FORCED in nfs_post_op_update_inode_locked()
NFSv4: Also ask for attributes when downgrading to a READ-only state
NFSv4: Place the GETATTR operation before the CLOSE
NFS: Retry the CLOSE if the embedded GETATTR is rejected with EACCES
NFSv4: Retry the DELEGRETURN if the embedded GETATTR is rejected with EACCES

Weston Andros Adamson (1):
pNFS/flexfiles: delete deviceid, don't mark inactive

fs/nfs/dir.c | 23 +++++-----
fs/nfs/file.c | 12 +----
fs/nfs/filelayout/filelayoutdev.c | 3 +-
fs/nfs/flexfilelayout/flexfilelayout.c | 6 ++-
fs/nfs/flexfilelayout/flexfilelayoutdev.c | 2 +-
fs/nfs/inode.c | 75 +++++++++++++++++--------------
fs/nfs/internal.h | 1 +
fs/nfs/nfs4proc.c | 43 ++++++++++++++----
fs/nfs/nfs4state.c | 57 +++++++++++++----------
fs/nfs/nfs4xdr.c | 37 +++++++++------
fs/nfs/pnfs.c | 16 +++++--
include/linux/nfs_fs.h | 2 -
12 files changed, 166 insertions(+), 111 deletions(-)
Trond Myklebust
Linux NFS client maintainer, PrimaryData