[ANNOUNCE] A hackable x86-64 hypervisor (#VE, VMFUNC, ...)

From: Ahmed Samy
Date: Wed Jan 04 2017 - 08:09:30 EST

Hi everyone,

KSM is an "out-of-tree" x86-64 ("in-kernel") VT-x hypervisor, it's designed to be hackable.
KSM supports the following *new* processor features:

- Virtualization Exceptions
- VM functions

To keep this short, KSM's purpose is not to run other kernels, but more of
researching (or whatsoever) the running kernel, some ideas would be sandboxing,
debugging perhaps.

P.S.: Sorry about the name, noticed it's a dup of kernel-shared-memory few
months late.

Git Tree URL:


Feedback is welcome!