Re: [PATCH] kernel-doc: Handle returning pointers to pointers

From: Markus Heiser
Date: Tue Jan 24 2017 - 01:59:12 EST

Am 23.01.2017 um 16:24 schrieb Jonathan Corbet <corbet@xxxxxxx>:

> On Mon, 23 Jan 2017 15:14:51 +0000
> Matthew Wilcox <mawilcox@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>> I maintain my own stack of "linuxdoc" with a python version
>>> of the kernel-doc script (hosted on github). It uses the same
>>> regexes as the perl version (using a python rewrite here has some
>>> other benefits, one you will see below). I merged your patch:
>> Are there plans to merge that? It feels so odd to have a python script calling a perl script ...
> I pushed back pretty hard on it last year; my feeling at the time was that
> the Sphinx transition had enough moving parts as it was.

I know what you mean ;)

> I do think we
> can reconsider it now, though. It's not as if the perl kerneldoc script
> is a thing of great beauty in need of preservation.
> Markus, would you consider sending out a new patch set for review?

Yes, I send RFC soon ...

> What I
> would like to do see is something adding the new script for the Sphinx
> toolchain, while leaving the DocBook build unchanged, using the old
> script. We could then delete it once the last template file has moved
> over.

agree ...

> 4.12 would be the probable merge target; it's a big enough change that I'd
> like to have it in -next for a full development cycle.

agree once more.

Thanks for choosing this!

-- Markus --